Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Last Breath

"An example from the life of Sufyan al-Thawri, one of the greatest figures in the history of Islamic Law and Sufism, is worthy of mention. Sufyan looked much older than his age. He would tell those who asked the reason of this: "I had a teacher who was educating me. While he breathed his last he could not say the kalima-i tawhid, even though I exhorted him to do so. Seeing this has aged me." 

(page 41)

"Unlike most people, Rumi never perceived death as something to fear; on the contrary, he saw death as something which rescues one from a foreign land. He considered death to be a reunion with  the One of Eternal Goodness, Allah Almighty. In one of his works, Rumi explains his attitude to death: 

'Do not call me dead when I die because I was already dead. I have been resurrected with death; a companion has come and taken me..'

This is why Rumi called the moment of his departure from this world "Shab-i Arus" (the wedding night) .

(page 48)

"Every human being in this mortal world must learn to control their actions with patience. All travelers of the path of spirituality must treat forgetfulness with remembrance, ungratefulness with gratitude, rebellion with obedience, miserliness with generosity, selfishness with altruism, doubt with knowledge, hypocrisy with sincerity and humility, sedition with repentance and heedlessness with contemplation." 

(page 71)

"The final breath is like a clean, untarnished mirror. Man looks into this mirror, seeing both the beauty and the hideousness of his life. All eyes, ears and limbs will testify against their owners; every curtain will be raised and confessions will leave the mind and the conscience in a state of regret. Let not our final glance into the mirror be one of regret. While time remains, we must make the Qur'an and the exemplary life of the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) a part of our lives. Only the wise truly know themselves before they die." 

(page 76)

- Osman Nuri TOPBAS, The Last Breath

I feel like sharing the whole book. this book is awesome. just a tiny thin one but, thick with knowledge of death. I remembered when Miss Ida handing me the book, "this one is good. tapi macam takut sikit sebab dia cerita pasal mati." yes, and it is. 

what should you do to greet death as a friend ?

you do know the answer, ain't it ? 

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