Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Piece of Writing for Shakespeare

     Literature is my overwhelming passion. I admire William Shakespeare so much. He is the greatest English writer in the world.  I have one big dream. No one knows my desire. Nobody ever bother to know. When I was in Year Three, there was a group of friends who had asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I replied them confidently with “I want to be the second Shakespeare!” and what I got just a nasty laugh from them. It made me down a little bit. I keep asking myself that am I not good enough for it. Even I myself cannot make sure that my dream will come true. I really want to be like him someday until I can feel the blood of the writer is running in my veins. Then I just change my way of thinking. I will take all the laughs as the strength to put me on my mettle.

     I love Shakespeare’s masterpieces so much because of his words that hard to understand and it makes me more eager to dig the literary meaning of the arts of writing.  He was both an English poet and a playwright, and widely regarded as pre-eminent dramatist. I remember the first poem of Shakespeare that I read when I was in secondary school. The title was Life’s Brief Candle. The poem is about time that moving so slow after losing the loved ones. It was hard to live without our loved. That was what storied in the poem. The story was about Macbeth who lost his wife. He took to heart the death of his wife until he felt nothing left. Shakespeare told in the poem that the world is like a stage and people were the players. I have to do some research to know the real meaning of this poem, but it worth the effort. I think I gain knowledge. It does not matter what type of study we are learning. It is matter to know how we should perform it into good deeds. Like what Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” 

     The famous Romeo and Juliet is one of the successful art created by William Shakespeare. It was a tragedy story written early in the career of his playwright. The story is about two young star-crossed lovers who went through lot of obstacles in order to defend their love. Juliet was a princess yet Romeo was just a man. The ending of the story was both of them have died. Juliet took a drug that caused death-like coma and because of the misunderstood, Romeo thought she really died. Then he drank poison that brought him to death. Juliet awakened and saw the dead body of her lover, so she stabbed herself with his dagger. As a Muslim, I do not really like this play because the religion never allowed to suicide no matter what the reason is. However, in a second though I think the story was brilliant. I learned that love is blind.

“My love is strengthened, though more weak in seeming;
I love not less, though less the show appear;
That love is merchandized, whose rich esteeming.
The owner’s tongue doth publish everywhere.”

     This is a part of one of the Shakespeare’s sonnet. I find it is hard to understand his sonnet as the words using are so high in level. Sonnet means a poem that has fourteen lines and each containing ten syllabus which is also a fixed pattern of rhyme. Shakespeare had written 154 sonnets as his surviving works. His writing was totally ingenious. There were certain words that I cannot find even in dictionary. Sometimes I just thinking what was he up to. His words too complex, I bet. For this time, I only understand a part of one sonnet. I am still trying to understand the whole story. I still cannot figure what message he wanted to give to the readers. Although it took me days to understand a sonnet of his, but I just do not care as the harder the research, I feel the closer the steps for becoming a great writer one fine day.

     Amazing people do not just happen. It is not about how good a person is, but it is about how good he or she wants to be. So, I try hardest to fulfil my big dream. I remember a quote from Hamlet, “to be or not to be, that’s the question.” The words motivate me indirectly. It is me who will create my future whether it is dark or bright. Nobody can make sure of something, but we can hope. I will do my best and I know God will do the rest. Even though I will not make it happen, it does not really matter actually as I love learning English and my passionate towards literature is not just by mouth. Whatever it takes, do not stop learning and trying. No matter how famous or great we are, we still forever a learner.     

the same place :)

ini namanya essay pukul 3 pagi. so, kita boleh nampakla kemengarutan sedikit disitu. this is my essay when I was in first semester. I got full mark. that was surprising as Miss Ida was the one who marked my paper. selalu cakap kat miss,"miss kedekut markah." dia gelak,"well,kamu tengok pensyarah baik-baik tu la yang kedekut markah tau." I guess it's true. 

and this my first and last essay after SPM. 

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