Sunday, 28 June 2015

about this second round fifth semester

almost a year I've been lived in a situation where I was down at heart and down to earth. depression killed me. until one day I met kak zura by co-incidence. and she told me what I might become if I keep drowning myself in depression. I might be crazy if I continue behaving like that. yes, I know it's not impossible because I admit I was too depressed and I lost hope. 

after having some talk with kak zura, I changed. trying to embrace the pain given. and I can feel that I'm happy. I no longer lived in depression and start making peace with Allah. redha is not a mere utter, I learn a lot.

today, I feel so grateful for Allah gives me this kind of way. last year was harsh. and I can't even enjoy my classes. I even submitted "assignment sampah" to ustazah azlina and I'll never forget her words until this second. 

I see kipsas in different view right now. living in my own world. no need to interfere others matters (tapi kadang-kadang rasa mustahil untuk tak masuk campur sebab dah terbiasa haha). but most important, I can enjoy my second round fifth semester. I can enjoy my asalib, tahlil nusus, fiqh lughah, gerakan islah dan tajdid, dunia islam zaman moden, fan al-ilqa, academic writing, metodologi penyelidikan and even halaqah usrah.

alhamdulillah for this second chance, Ya Allah. not everyone can get it. so, I'm really a fool if I don't grab this opportunity and if I keep feeling unfortunate than the others.

I'm glad and so grateful for what I'm having now. alhamdulillah.

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